Elevate Your Environment

USO 56 | Elevating Your Environment

Change is constant, but if we are to change, it must be for the better. We have to try a little harder to be better. Aaron is excited to share his new office, a relatively large conference room that has been turned into a studio where he’s invested in building the backdrops, the sets, and in getting sound equipment. Elevating your environment and having better guests will make your podcast even better and more valuable and have greater takeaways for the people to experience and appreciate. What you offer to the world will be reflected in your well-being, so step up and get better results.

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Elevate Your Environment

I’ve got some fun news. It’s personal but it’s going to affect all of you. I’m super excited to share something I’m working on here. I’m here in the new office. I may have mentioned that we’ve moved to a new space, but the fact was that the Unshackled Owner Program, the class that I teach, and the Unshackled Mastermind which we’re starting which is going to be small and high-end. We’re looking for a few more right people to fill a couple of empty spots. We’re talking about ten persons. It’s an awesome mastermind. If you have any interest in learning more about that, it’s going to be a phenomenal experience for high achievers who want to do something big and exciting and cool in the world. The people that are already in are just phenomenal. I haven’t done any promotion to sell it because I want to handpick who gets to be in it. If you think that might be you, write to me, Aaron@AaronScottYoung.com and let’s have a conversation and see if it’s the right fit. That isn’t even what I wanted to talk about. The Unshackled Owner Mastermind is growing and we’re going to do our first thing in May, in Italy.

The week intensive class that I teach is going great and we have phenomenal people from all around the world. I’ve got somebody from Romania, from England, from Canada, as well as people from around the United States are in the class. That’s fantastic. This show has already been morphing into a podcast/blog/YouTube show. We’ve decided it’s time to step up and claim this space. I realized the things that we’re doing for companies that I’m working with and the people that are taking the things that we’re teaching in the class, in the freedom call, what we’re going to be doing with this mastermind and the great lessons that come to you through these interviews. I hope you love the monologues as well because I’m doing everything I can to give you some ideas, some shortcuts, some inspirational stories, some great mentors to listen to on the show. I want to do it even better. We’ve moved into a new space and we have a fairly large conference room that we’ve turned into a studio. I’m doing this from my office, not from the set.

When we move into that studio, not only is it going to sound great, but it’s going to look great. We’ll continue to do remote interviews like we’ve been doing, but I’m super excited because we’re setting it up so I can have people come here and be interviewed face-to-face. At the very least, my wife, Michelle, who’s a phenomenal Executive Coach and who does terrific stuff, she and I will continue to do some shows together. My friend, Bill Kelly, who was one of the Founders of WebMD, the Founder of ReelDx and Learning.com. He’s now running a hedge fund in the cannabis space. He’ll come over and he’ll do some shows in the new studio and we’re going to create a higher look, a higher sound, a more intimate experience and bring even more value to you. That’s what I’m excited about. Let’s go one step further because what I’ve realized as I’m going through this process and all of a sudden going from home office, remember I have other offices in other states, but locally here I had my home office. Our internet out there is insanely slow. A few years ago, I rented an executive suite, set up a studio, got my lights, got my microphone, set up a backdrop and started doing it. That costs about $475 a month.

USO 56 | Elevating Your Environment

Elevating Your Environment: Build something that’s not only beautiful, effective, and efficient, but also frees you so that you can do whatever you want.


Now I’ve moved into a new space. It’s about $2,000 a month and we’ve had to retrofit the place to get it ready and we’re spending thousands of dollars on building the backdrops building the sets. We’ll have three separate sets. We’ll have high-end microphones. The same kind of microphones that Ryan Seacrest and other people like that use. The kind of microphone that Michael Jackson recorded Thriller. We’re getting good equipment. We’ve done things to improve the lighting. We’ve done all these cool things because when you tune-in in a podcast format and you’re exercising, you’re driving, you’re on an airplane or whatever. When you’re doing that or when you’re looking at it visually on YouTube, I want it to feel cozy. I want the sound and the images to be great so that you can forget about those things and focus on the message, focus on the lesson, focus on what the takeaways are that I can get from this thing.

Instead of going, “The sound is crummy. I’m going to turn this off. Why are they all pixelated? The lighting is crummy,” I don’t want you to be focused on that. I want you to focus on the message because I want to bring the messages even more. I want to bring you higher level, more valuable, more regular messages, better guests, greater takeaways. We needed to create an environment where we could do two things. The environment would only enhance and not detract from the experience and a place that will be inviting for you to come in and be a part of it. For those people that I’ll interview to come in and sit down, feel at ease and at home in a professional studio. When I can get all of those pieces dialed in right, it’s going to make everything about this experience better. A little bit better microphone, a little bit better lighting, a little bit warmer visual with the backdrops and so on. We’ll make everything that we’re doing better.

Remember that with your business, if you’re in a place that’s okay, but it’s a little hinky, you don’t work as hard. You’re a reflection of your space. When we are in a “It’s okay, it’s good enough” kind of a place, we’re going to do good enough work. Just do simple things. It’s amazing how making your bed, combing your hair and getting dressed so you could meet somebody instead of staying in your shorts or your sweats all day, how it elevates your game, how it makes you feel better about yourself when you engage with other people. It’s the same with your physical space. Whether you’re working from a spare bedroom or from your kitchen table or whatever, make sure your workspace is as good as it can be. It’s as sharp as it can be. It’s as clean as it can be. It’s dialed in the best that it can be so that you feel great about who you are, what you represent, what you stand for and what you have to offer to the world. It will be reflected in your voice. It will be reflected in your language. It will be reflected in your well-being.

I’m trying to do that for myself here and I encourage you to do it as well because when we step our game up, our results are better. I want all of you to be getting better results. I want you to have more sales. I want you to hold on to your customers. I want you to have better employees. I want you to hold on to them for a long time. I want you to learn to build something that’s not only beautiful, that’s not only effective and efficient, but also that frees you so that you can go out and start another business, help the community, spend more time with your family, go on long vacations or do whatever you want. I want you to have wealth. I want you to have freedom. I want you to have happiness. I want you to be unshackled. That’s my message for you. Go out and do something good. Make a difference in the world and I’ll look forward to being with you again here on the Unshackled Owner.

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