There are very few people who have the vast knowledge and experience that Aaron does in business, consistently growing his multiple companies into millions of dollars in revenue. Because of his ongoing guidance, I have been able to close more than $60,000 in a one week period. The beautiful part of this is not just immediate cash flow, but that it’s structured to become residual income delivering me predictable cash. Aaron is not an “experienced professional teacher”… He’s an experienced professional, who happens to teach.

Daniel RukeFounder & CEOBlink Media

Aaron is available to work with you as an
Outsourced Chief Strategy Officer in the following ways:

  • One-on-one hour-long situational strategy session by phone or Skype. With business brainstorming, sometimes you just need a new, different, and unbiased set of eyes to look with you and provide another opinion. The types of questions clients bring to these sessions range from what are the best methods for corporate structuring to how to how to prepare for a lawsuit and solve a significant problem with a business partner.

    (Minimum 1 Hour. Then, 15 minute increments): $2,000/hour

  • One-day in-person situational strategy session. Aaron is often asked to conduct brainstorming sessions with business leaders and their management team on core business issues that will allow them to move to the next evolution in their business.

    $25,000 Plus Expenses

About Aaron Scott Young

Aaron Scott Young serves as an Outsourced Chief Strategy Officer for entrepreneurs and business owners with the expertise to quickly get to the heart of complex issues, see elegant solutions, and help to illuminate a path to forward progress. Aaron’s in-depth business background and network makes him an ideal mentor and guide for your business

“Aaron has extensive day-to-day business operational experience and has successfully run a multimillion-dollar business for over 30 years, as well as having served as an officer of a publicly traded multinational.”

His current position as CEO of Laughlin Associates, which over 100,000 business owners have entrusted with their incorporation needs, has given him a unique vantage point to observe, over the long haul, a wide variety of businesses from the largest yacht broker in the US to franchisees and from electrical contractors to medical professionals. Aaron has seen their common mistakes and common successes. He knows what works and what doesn’t.

Aaron has a broad network. His friends and colleagues include leaders from a variety of industries, which gives him insider access to what is actually happening across business and industry lines.

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