Advance Your Reach – Interview with Pete Vargas

USO 016 | Advance Your Reach

Pete Vargas is the founder of Advance Your Reach, a company that helps millions and millions of people get their stories and their voices on stages so that more and more people can learn and be touched by these powerful and unique messages. He gives us real life, personal examples of how a message from a speaker has touched his own life.

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Advance Your Reach – Interview with Pete Vargas


Hello, everybody. Welcome to The Unshackled Owner. I’m Aaron Young. I’m your host. I’m delighted to be with you today to talk about how we can build a real business, a real asset. Not just a glorified job, but something that you can build, you can scale, you can even sell it if you wanted to. That’s what we talk about here. My goal is to give you tools and ideas and inspiration to stop being an indentured servant to your business and to really own something that you can be not only proud of but you can make a ton of money with and that you can still have a life. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Today’s going to be an interview show. I go back and forth between interviews and just me sharing my thoughts and ideas. Today’s going to be so much fun because I have with me a new friend, a friend for maybe a year and a half ago. I knew the first time I met this guy that he was the real deal. He had a great heart. He had a quick mind, great ideas. I just fell in love with him from the beginning. Just full disclosure, with all the things that I do out there, I have, from time to time, hired someone to help me, to be my mentor, to be my guide, to show me the way to get to the top of the mountain. This man is one of those very few people over the years that I’ve spent a fairly considerable amount of money, because I knew that if I followed in his footsteps I would get to my goal much more quickly, efficiently and safely.

I want to introduce Pete Vargas. He’s the founder of Advance Your Reach. Is that a great name? Advance Your Reach’s goal, its mission, is to help millions and millions of people to get their stories and get their knowledge and get their voices heard on stages, whether those are physical stages, they’re webinars, they’re podcast, they’re radio shows, anywhere you can get in front of an audience. Pete has developed the tools and the methodology that have won tens of thousands of stages. I just want to welcome Pete Vargas here to The Unshackled Owner podcast. Pete, thanks for being here.

USO 016 | Advance Your Reach

The business is supposed to support that and not the other way around.

Hey, Aaron. It’s so great to be here. We’re stoked to be here. My team was talking to today and just chatting about, “You’ve got Aaron’s podcast today.” We just talked about The Unshackled Owner and how much we believe in your mission and what you’re doing to help entrepreneurs, A: have a real business. B: be able to allow them to have a real life and lifestyle, to be able to enjoy life with their family, their loved ones, the things that they do. The business is supposed to support that and not the other way around. We just love what you do, man. I’m excited to be on here with you.

It’s great to be with you. Before I start asking you a couple of questions, you have a very specific number in mind as far as the reach you want to have.

We want to reach 70 million people across seven different sectors of society. We want to help raise them up to the top of the mountains, to the top of those sectors where their voices are being heard and their influence is being heard by people to make a positive difference in our society. It’s not us reaching 70 million, but it’s our clients reaching 70 million people on an annual basis.

Just from this podcast, there will be many thousands of people that will hear this. I decided to start this podcast after working with you. I’d had a podcast before called The Lookout, which people liked but there was no particular direction. It was just more like a passion project for me. Because of the inspiration I got from you guys, I started to do the podcast. Right here, right now, we’re actually scratching into that 70 million people that you’re wanting to reach. Thank you for that. You mentioned that you like my mission because it’s not just about business but it’s also about having a life. Tell us a little bit about your life, your marriage, and your kids. What’s the motivating fuel that’s having you do what you’re doing? Because you’ve shifted gears recently, why did you shift? Why do you do what you do, Pete?

I have been married for fourteen years to my beautiful wife, Kim. I have three kiddos, Keaton who’s eight, Mia who’s seven, and Emma who is four. We just have an incredible family here that I just love so much. We’re kind of a sick household, some of them are sick right now. Mia is staying home from school. I was introduced to being an entrepreneur from a man by the name of Garth Merrick. Garth Merrick owned a company called Beef N More Dog Food. It turned into Merrick Pet Foods. They actually sold the company to, I think, Nestle, a couple of years ago. Garth introduced me to being an entrepreneur.

Here’s the cool thing. I actually have never really shared this story. Through Garth, I got to see this guy who his faith was important to him. He didn’t miss anything with his faith-related stuff. His kids and his family were so important to him. He was at everything, every ball game, every tennis match, every choir thing, every church activity. The crazy thing is, I always heard about them taking these crazy trips, like to New York or to London or to California, or all over the country. They were enjoying it. Some people thought it was this wealthy lifestyle, but all it was, was spending incredible quality time with the people that he loved and cared for.

I saw that and subconsciously, now that I’m thinking about it, I always thought, “I want to be that entrepreneur one day.” For the last thirteen years of my life, I’ve kind of been that entrepreneur and have had a successful business, but I was really shackled by my business. My business really controlled a lot of my life. I didn’t have a whole lot of freedom. About a year and a half ago, after speaking on a stage for three minutes, I quickly realized that we had something that the world needed. I came to the realization that I wanted to redesign my life. I wanted to spend a year on the road on trips with my kids. I wanted my kids travelling with me to business trips. About a year and a half ago, that was a big shift. It was like, “I don’t need any more corporate space. I don’t need big offices or all of this stuff. I want to be able to have the freedom to do the things that I want to with my family. That’s what happened about a year and a half ago.

That was the big shift. Let’s go back in time just a little bit more. You were with this guy, Merrick. You were watching him. He’s a great example to you. You said he introduced you to entrepreneurship. How long have you been in this business where you’ve been helping people to get on stage? You were doing this more like an agent in some ways than compared to what you’re doing now. When did you start helping a few people get on a gazillion stages?

2003 is when it all started.

Thirteen, fourteen years ago is when it started. That was the beginning. You’re a young guy. You’re a young married man. You’ve been married for fifteen years. You’ve only been married a couple of years, maybe no kids at that time, and you said, “We’re going to do this.” Then, you got started. Tell me what was great about it and what was challenging? What was working and what was slowing you down? What was the speed bump?

I think what was great about it is I got my feet wet. Just a little back story on that, I was a youth pastor in Texas. I didn’t have any Bible training, Theology training, so what I did is brought speakers in. I’d bring in people like Aaron Young, and I bring in all these different speakers, entrepreneurs, the man that I just spoke about came and spoke to my kids. He talked about giving and not taking. I bring in all these speakers. One of the speakers, his daughter was the first girl killed at Columbine in 1999. He got up and spoke. Just like the other two dozen speakers I had brought, he impacted my kids’ lives. Ironically, his final challenge was there are people in your life that you love and that you care for, and you’ll never know how long they’re going to be here with you. You need to let them know how much you love them.

That was easy for me. It was my grandmother, my best friend, who his dad was the dog food company owner, his family, my girlfriend, now my wife, all these people. I was like, “I know who I love, I’ll go tell them that.” but then he have that little twist, like a lot of people who have powerful messages do. He said, “Some of them you’re not in good standings with.” I knew that was my dad. I had a very abusive relationship with my dad growing up, verbally and physically. I invited my dad back that night to the parent event. It was a massive struggle because he didn’t want to hear anything. He was very prideful. The only way I got him to come is I got two of his sisters to come that night. I told them that there was free food. I come from a Hispanic family. You tell them there’s free food, it might have been Mexican food that night too at the venue, you tell them that and they all come. My aunts came and my dad came. It was a cool night.

USO 016 | Advance Your Reach

He said, “I’m sorry for the father I’ve been.” He asked me for a second chance to do things right.

Long story short, after hearing that man speak, he wrote me a several page letter. He said, “I’m sorry for the father I’ve been. Here my son is having an impact on hundreds of kids’ lives and I can’t have an impact on my only son’s life.” He asked me for a second chance to do things right. What happened is I solicited that man’s cell phone number, the speaker. I just said, “Daryl, why aren’t you sharing this message to everybody across the world?” He said, “I have no idea how to really get this message out there in the way that I want to.”

The cool part of the last thirteen years of serving him is I cut my teeth with him and a few other organizations. We really had to figure it out, Aaron. I didn’t have 10,000 hours of experience behind me. I had none. I knew how to bring speakers into my little youth group, but I didn’t know how to get them out on a bigger docket. What began to happen as the coolest part of the last thirteen years is I cut my teeth on a few organizations. A result of that now over the last thirteen years, not only have we booked 25,000 stages, we booked some of the biggest media conglomerates in the nation. We won the White House back in 2007 or 2006 I think. I had cold called for a symposium at the White House and got the White House. One of my kids this past week at my home church said, “Pete, I saw you on the White House.” I completely forgot that I had won that. That’s one of those that you shouldn’t forget.

Cutting my teeth and failing and figuring this thing out and cold calling and doing the whole work to figure out how do we get people’s messages on stages, bigger stages, better stages. That’s been the coolest part of the last thirteen years. I put in my 10,000 hours in the last thirteen years of doing this. Now, the tough part is that I had a couple of clients, just a couple. The negative to me is that I had a lot of eggs in a couple of baskets. It became more like an employee-employer relationship. Although I was 1099 and I was not an employee, I felt more like I didn’t feel the freedom like it was my own thing. Although I had my own staff, my own employees, my own everything, by having a couple of bigger clients, I felt shackled to them. I really wanted to get unshackled. That’s why I started my own thing. Those are some of the pros and cons.

That’s very interesting. Not to go back too far in that whole story, but it’s interesting how many people I meet, there’s often some very personal, very intimate something that happens, good or bad. In your case, it was a resolution of years of negative experience with your dad. Other times, it’s people who go through some traumatic experience. They get hurt or abused or go to wars, but something happens and they go, “I have to do something to fix this.” In your situation, you thought, “This guy saved my relationship with my dad, but he may not get booked again for four or five months because he doesn’t know how to do it.” You’ve developed an entire system now that’s proven, that gets these 25,000 stages. Do you want to just give a little hint to that? Because this was one of the reasons I went to you and why I engaged Advance Your Reach, was because the way you describe this, I never heard of this before. Do you want to just give the listeners a little idea? I like them to know what you’re awesome at.

My brilliance is stages. I believe that there’s a systematic way to winning stages. Here is the best picture I can paint for your audience. I just did this last week and it was so powerful. I used to do it all the time. I’d put up a screen and I’d ask this question. I’m going to ask your viewers this question, although I can’t put up a screen. Let’s pretend that I had Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and Tony Robbins on a picture. How many of those three would you have known if I put that picture up on a screen?

Me, I would know all three of them. I would guess that depending on where you were in the world or what’s your interest. Especially Kiyosaki, you may not know Kiyosaki’s face at all. Tony Robbins is somewhat known outside of the personal development world. Trump of course is getting more famous by the day. More and more people know who he is.

Here’s my whole reasoning for doing that. Stay with me, listeners. I really want you to get this. Last week, we did that in our workshop. There were 20 people in the room and nineteen of them knew all three of them. Only one person didn’t know all three, only two of them, which Kiyosaki, you’re exactly right, was the one that they didn’t know. Basically, the majority of most rooms would know all three, if not two.

USO 016 | Advance Your Reach

We figure out a way to systematically help people get stages and not have to be famous or have to be a celebrity.

Here’s the irony. I personally heard all three of them do their keynote talks. Meaning their keynote talks where they got paid a quarter of a million or even one of them was only a $100,000. I’ve seen them delivered their keynote talks where they made their money. I want to be brutally honest. Two out of the three were not good at all. We won’t say any names. We don’t need to figure out who it is. Then, I talk about how easy it is for them to get on stages and that’s an injustice because it’s easy. People are coming after them. People are asking them. They you can go and put up another picture. You put up Christian Moore. You put up the face Darrell Scott. You put the face maybe a Bob Marzano. Those three pictures, how many would you know of those three?


Zero. My whole point in that is those three people are making an impact on millions of millions and millions and millions of people’s lives, yet they’re not known. One of the reasons they’re doing that is because they don’t have people coming after them. More so now, but not in the past, there’s not people knocking on their door like the first three, yet those three, all three of them had a deep impact on my life. I could give you more and more of those where that came from and you wouldn’t know any of them.

What do we do? We figure out a way to systematically help people get stages and not have to be famous or have to be a celebrity. We do that by incorporating different mediums of direct mail, phone, email, video, but it all starts with us positioning them well. Not positioning them as a celebrity, positioning them as an expert around one topic. Not seven, not five, not three, but really where they become known for something, one thing. Darrell became known for culture in schools. Christian Moore has become known for helping the underprivileged kid, the underperforming kid. Bob Marzano has become known for really academic achievement.

Becoming known for one thing. When we can position you correctly, the stages become easy because we have a systematic approach through a campaign that we’ve built that continues to evolve and continues to get better, because I only get to learn more and more about stages. When we can put this campaign on top of the positioning, unknown people, non-famous people, non-celebrities can actually begin to win as many stages as they want to, Aaron. That’s what we do really, really well and what we figured out.

Listen, unshackled tribe out there, I want you to think about this. Guys, this is the magic right here. Pete said that he started out thirteen years ago, trying to get people or getting a few people booked a lot, 25,000 stages. A year and a half ago, he said, “We can redeploy this stuff and help lots of people get stages and make a big impact.” The way he learned to do it by cutting his teeth on those several was by putting together a system. If I could show you what got me excited, which is a very, very specific and what I would call not difficult but it was complex mini steps. Not hard steps, just mini steps.

It’s The Unstoppable Stage Campaign.

The Unstoppable Stage Campaign. When I saw this, I thought, “I get why that works.” Now, here’s the takeaway. It takes a system. Anybody that thinks doing things casually, doing things ad hoc, doing things like when I can get around to it or I’m going to try one time to do something and then if it doesn’t work, I’m going to give up on it. You’re a fool basically. I hate to say it so bluntly.

If you want to be successful and you’re not willing to learn systems, systems that will get predictable results over and over and over again, then you are living in a fantasy. I know that sounds harsh. I meet too many people who want something they desperately wanted and they keep just believing, “If I just visualize it hard enough, it’s going to come to me.” It doesn’t work that way. You have to visualize it. You’ve got to have a vision of where you want to go. Then you’ve got to have a system. You’re going to have to learn what that system is for your specific business development. Then, deploy it over and over and over again. This is the magic.

This is the same thing with what I teach people. There’s a system. It’s not random. It works every time.  You’ll notice, as we interview all these guests on this program, they all have developed systems. When Pete starts talking, it exploded into my visual memory again, looking at The Unstoppable speaker campaign. There’s magic in the system. Maybe I’m overstating that, Pete. That was my big take away from the first event of yours I went to, was the system is the magic.

USO 016 | Advance Your Reach

They won’t come to you, they don’t know you. You go to them. You build it and you proactively go after them.

No doubt about it. The system is the magic. Here’s the thing, you said a key thing. Some people can’t employ the entire system. Even the micro-steps, if you can begin taking those micro-steps. The thing that really ticked me off is we can give people this system and they don’t go anything with it, I had a person say, “Yeah, they’ll come to me.” I’m like, “No, they won’t come to you, they don’t know you. Your web traffic is 32 people in the last month and 31 of those were you. They don’t come to you. You go to them. You build it and you proactively go after them.”

That’s the thing. If you can take some of these micro-steps, we have people who are solopreneurs that can’t bite off that system. Okay, cool. These are the two pieces of it that I would do faithfully every day. When people begin to do that, we had fourteen businesses here with us last week in Colorado. Two days where we build the system out because we were tired of people not getting to build it out themselves. We won 32 stages in two days. The intent of that workshop is not even to win stages, it’s to get the system up and running. We added one component where we had them do one more execution piece to show them how easy it is to start winning these stages if they will just simply do what we tell them to do.

It’s like that in most things. You and I both know how to lose weight and get in shape. I know we do but a lot of people just won’t do what is needed. We have a proven system. This is what I would tell you, if you can figure out what that proven system is in your business and you can preach it from the rooftops and there is a market out there that needs that, they will come to you.

That is the gospel truth right there. You’ve built a system, you’ve got fourteen business owners that are there. I have attended some of the workshops. I’ve seen you fill up rooms. I’ve seen you go from zero eighteen months ago, to a hundred plus super motivated people in a room, chanting and dancing and getting work done, really feeling uplifted and trained in hardcore skills. It’s a great program you’ve developed. Have done this alone? Have you done it in a vacuum? Did it take a team?

For sure, it’s definitely a team. I would say a couple of things just so you know, this is important because I want your viewers to know what they can do, what is possible. I didn’t go deploy all of the list building. I didn’t go deploy everything eighteen months ago. Our small intimate team of four people, we have four W2s eighteen months ago. We had maybe two contractors. We now have a whole lot more contractors. This small intimate team focused on a couple of things.

I want to tell you, eighteen months ago, our list size was zero. Eighteen months ago, we didn’t have one customer on this new side of the business. We had a great seven figure business on the other side but we didn’t have one customer on this side. In one year, Cody ran the report for us in 2016, who is one of those key team members. We had 420 different paying customers, which is crazy, in one year, when we didn’t have a list eighteen years ago. We just focused on a couple of things.

Brad Martin is a good friend of mine. Brad was like, people go to these conferences and conventions. You should know your goals already. Then just go to the sessions that support those goals. Don’t go to the session where they’re introducing a new concept that doesn’t tie in to your yearly goals. Because you just get this bright shiny objects syndrome. We all do it as entrepreneurs. I’ll tell you what we did really well eighteen months ago was focused on a couple of things. Because of those couple of things, we were able to expedite the growth of the business. It did take a small team. I know not everybody has a small team. I would have probably taken one or two of those things out if I didn’t have this team and done a few things differently.

You’ve built a great team internally, under the roof, and then you’ve got a great group of support people that are your cast of characters, Pat Quinn and others that have really been influential on me. Pete, great information. I love hearing this stuff. Again, I want to reiterate guys. This is a little bit of a setup, but I always want to be clear with everybody. I’m interviewing the people that are my friends and that have had a good influence on me and that I think are the best, brightest people for you to learn from if you want to become successful.

My definition of success includes becoming unshackled. Getting out there, getting your message out, whether it’s a local rotary stage, whether it’s bringing together a group of your clients to teach them out new products, all of these things are important. Pete Vargas is the guru on helping you deploy your message to whatever level you want to take it. I’m not getting paid anything for this. There’s no affiliate deal. This is me saying, I want you to know about Pete Vargas and Advance Your Reach.

We’ve got a few questions, Pete, that we like to go through really quickly and just pick your brain for a minute and talk about what are a few of the things, some wisdom you can pass along. The first one is a simple one, what’s a book that has inspired you or that you recommend? When it comes to your area of expertise and brilliance, what book would you say, “Go get this thing and read it”?

I know this is a common one. I can’t say that I’ve done perfect at it, but I love The ONE Thing and Essentialism. I just think we get caught up with too many things, trying to do too many things. Here’s the other thing, our coaching program that we do when we try to tell people to do seven things, they don’t get it done. When we tell them to do one thing, they get it done. It’s the same thing with how we grow our business. I love The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and then Essentialism, just because I think it will help people hone in on really the 20% that gets the 80% of the results.

I’ve never read Essentialism, so now you just gave me a recommendation. The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, really great. Guys, that’s Gary Keller, the founder of Keller-Williams Real Estate. A brilliant guy. What’s the one thing that if you did it would make everything else either easier or unnecessary to do? Great recommendation.

What would you go back and change if you could do something again? Some people will say, “I wouldn’t change anything because all those things got me where I am now.” That’s good and I understand that. You can’t actually go back in time, so you’re not going to change your life. This isn’t Star Trek, we’re not going to go whipping around the sun and go back in time. I want to know, what’s something you look back and go, “I wish I would have known better. I wish would have handled that differently”?

USO 016 | Advance Your Reach

The biggest mistake I made is just going, going, going, and not getting all the stuff out of my head. 

It’s really easy. I’ve told you, I started my business when I was 23 years old. I had a good friend, dear friend, Chandler Bolt who is 23 years old right now who has a multimillion dollar business. I envy one thing that Chandler has done so well that I didn’t do and I think many entrepreneurs don’t do, is they don’t get what’s out of their mind, their brilliance and their expertise. They don’t create systems and processes around that. There are so many things that I’ve done over the years that have now become a-has in the last eighteen months because it was just in Pete’s brain.

Because of that, I probably missed out on helping a lot of people, but also empowering my employees to do work that I didn’t need to do. I’m just going to let you know, that’s the biggest mistake I made, just going, going, going, going and not getting all of the stuff out of my head. I even have a process to getting my travel done quickly. I just continued to do it because of how great it is inside of my head. Last week, as I brought on a new EA and I’m walking them through this I’m like, “Wow, it’s kind of freeing. She’s going to pick this up and she’s going to get it down pretty quickly.” It’s with everything, but especially your brilliance, especially the brilliant things that you do well. Biggest mistake that I made and I wish somebody would have told me years ago to do that. They probably did but I was just a little bit stubborn.

One of the big things that we see and one of the things that keep people shackled is that they get really good at doing things and then they consciously or subconsciously think, “I’m the only one that really knows how to do this well, so I’m just going to keep this. I’m going to do it.” You never think about, “Let’s write it down in a process.” You just know how to do it, so you do it. It’s really true, when you can get stuff out of your brain and onto paper, magic shows up.

You said it, magic shows up. That’s exactly right. Magic shows up but to get the magic is not magic, just so you know. When I’m on the phone with a meeting planner, it’s magic, dude. I love it. It’s magic on the frontend, it’s magic on the backend. Here’s the thing that people need to understand. It’s not this magical experience getting the process done. It’s what comes as a result of it. I want you to know it’s hard-easy. It’s hard work and then what comes on the backend is like, “Wow.” You see the fruit of it. Wherein a lot of things that you do, it’s easy-easy. This is a hard-easy, but it’s worth it.

Sure. Harry Houdini wasn’t really doing magic. He did really challenging things that he had to work at for a long time. Then it seemed like magic to those who didn’t know the trick. Everybody you see out there that just seems like life is easy for them, I promise you, they put the work in and then they quit saying, “I’m going to do it all myself.” They got help, they got guidance. They figured out hard-easy. I’ve got to adopt that, hard-easy. That’s very good. What’s your favorite quote?

There’s a couple of quotes. Maya Angelou, you could go read her quotes until you’re black and blue in the face. There’s just so much that she said. She said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I take that to the extent, good and bad, if you make them feel awful. She was talking about really impacting and touching people’s hearts. That’s one of my favorite quotes, is Maya Angelou.

Then there’s another one that’s been said by a few different people, but it’s basically, “The greatest potential that exists, some of the greatest messages that exist today live in the graveyard.” If you watched the Grammy’s last night, you heard the Best Supporting Actress talk about all of the untapped potential that live in graveyards. It’s one of my favorite quotes too. I don’t want people’s messages going to the graveyard with them.

Thank you for that. Yes, I did see that on the awards show. It was a beautiful, touching speech. The fact is, I’ve heard it for years, I’ve heard it from you. Was it an Edison quote?

Yes, it was. It was Edison.

The point is, we need to remind ourselves all the time. Good for you for bringing that one up. As we go out, is there anything that you like to send the audience off with, some parting wisdom? Is there a way for them to get a hold of you, a website or anything you’d like to introduce them to? How can they reach you?

This is what I’d tell you. My parting words to you are these. You’ve heard people tell you like, “Man, you’ve changed my life, you’ve impacted my life.” Whether it was their business, their marriage, their family, their kids, whatever. You’ve heard people tell you that before. I would tell you that I believe you need to have your message on stages. I believe stages are one of the most powerful ways to grow your business.

One of the things I didn’t get to say is it’s not about the stage, it’s about what comes after the stage. If people engage with you deeper, that’s where you changed their lives. I’d encourage you to consider, if it’s not already, stages being a part of your business model because the exposure and the amount of things that it can do for you, and then getting people to engage with you is so great. This is what I love to tell people as I close.

Ten years ago, I got a call from my dad. We were in Colorado. He’s remarried. He’s 49. My stepmom’s 48. He said, “Hey, Pete. Guess what? Just want to let you know we’re pregnant.” Kim and I are like, “What?” Kim is my wife. We don’t have kids yet. We drive to her to meet my little brother JT for the first time. We’re just blown away. We see something different in my dad that I had never seen before. It was like this guy who knew that, “I’m going to do it right this time.” He’s walking us out to the car as we’re leaving. We’re celebrating with him. He walks my wife to the car. He walks me around to the car. He looks me in the eyes and he says, “You’ll always be my little boy, but I feel like JT is my second chance to do things right.”

It’s ironic because in that first letter, he asked for a second chance to me and he actually got it. It’s funny how the world returns that. This is what I want to tell you. I believe there are people out there that are sitting in your audiences, like even today on the podcast or sitting on your audiences in a live crowd or in a local rotary club, that need to hear what you have to offer. Because you’re going to change their life just like that man changed my dad’s life.

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I challenge you to go out there and get on more stages. Just test it out.

I challenge you to go out there and get on more stages. Just test it out. Aaron, two things that they can do. I’d love to give, not a lead magnet, I’d love to give a paid product of ours that people pay for all the time. It’s this step by step campaign, with training. It’s a nine-page document with some video training from me on how to go land a stage in 24 hours. I’d love to give your audience that. They can just simply email me at Me or my assistant will get that training to them. They need to call it The Unstoppable Stage Campaign training, and they need to let me know that they heard about us through your podcast, through Aaron Young, through The Unshackled Owner podcast. They need to let us know that. This was not planned. We didn’t. I’ll let our assistant know that, because that is a paid product of ours that people pay for. I’ll give that to anybody that emails on that behalf. They can check out more at and find out all about what we do.

Guys, Pete Vargas, Advance Your Reach, helping get 70 million people’s lives impacted by putting your message and other fabulous messages on stage, way before the graveyard. We’re going to get that message out. If you’ve got something inside and you know it helps people, you want to reach out to Advance Your Reach. Reach out to Pete, to Alyson, to his team. Let them help you find a way to get your message out.

That’s what we’re all about here at The Unshackled Owner. How do you take that business, how do you take that dream, how do you take it and turn it into a system, into a process, into a powerhouse, into a business that isn’t just your big glorified job?  It’s an asset. It’s an asset you can work in as much as you want. You can leverage it as much as you want. You can deploy it. You can be as involved as you want or you can step away from it and let it run. Go after other things, because entrepreneurs have lots of cool ideas. We don’t want any of those going untapped. That’s it today from The Unshackled Owner. We’ll see you again next week.


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