This highly-engaging keynote is packed with actionable information that will help you take your vision (and your business) to the next level.

            Speaking Topics:

  • “Building Your Corporate Fortress”

    Having spoken on 3 continents, in 10 countries and consistently at many world class events around the United States, Aaron has the ability to read the audience and adjust the energy of the crowd to suit your event’s needs. He is able to enrich  the other speakers messages with his own, minimizing any rollover information, and adding the most value to your attendees experience.

    Aaron’s keynote speeches often pertain to his extensive knowledge in corporate structure and compliance. Aaron defines many little-known tactics to save each business owner money, and he identifies the best possible “business type” for each business owner’s needs.

  • “The Unshackled Owner”

    Over 35 years of starting, buying and selling companies, Aaron has established a strategic process of running businesses without them requiring his constant attention and has helped hundreds of others to do the same. “The Unshackled Owner” is sure to surprise and delight your attendees while giving them actionable advice on how to create corporate culture, how to empower their team and how to have the right systems in place to maximize their time in the office.

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