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USO 40 | Transforming Philanthropy

Transforming Philanthropy: An Effortless Way To Give with Barry Shore

USO 40 | Transforming PhilanthropyFor Barry Shore, founder and CEO of Dlyted, believes imparting anything to anybody listening is a key strategy in life and success. Just as Uber has transformed transportation and Airbnb has transformed hospitality, Dlyted is transforming philanthropy. Dlyted enables you to shop, earn and give effortlessly to your favorite cause by using e-gift cards.…

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USO 39 | Resetting Life

Resetting Life from Successful To Purposeful with Jennifer Baker

USO 39 | Resetting LifeFrom the time she was a teenager, Jennifer Baker has been focusing on income and started researching what she wanted to do in college. She was a writer who has written for a lot of literary magazines, and thought she was going to pursue journalism until she started looking at it from a monetary standpoint and realized she could never live in that modest income.…

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Power and Control, Mastering Ethical Influence with Wendy Lipton-Dibner

USO 033 | Ethical InfluenceThe moment you start doing things other people tell you to do is the moment you put a shackle on yourself. After quitting her job, Wendy Lipton-Dibner started doing her thing and made honesty her moral foundation. Wendy shares how ethical influence can be a huge factor in attracting people who will eventually share her positive and honest outlook.…

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