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2015 will mark 32 years of business for Aaron Young, yet never once was a resume created or job application filled out. There’s definitely a story behind that! And Aaron has a lot of them.

Welcome to The Lookout Society Podcast, where Aaron shares a story from his life, then connects it with a business principle to pass on so it can help somebody else going down his or her path as a contributing member to society. As an added bonus he shares wonderful gems of Oregonian knowledge from his home state and weaves the passion he has for the community he lives in as an invitation for others to visit the Pacific Northwest. 

Desiring to pass on the life lessons he has learned after passing his half-century mark, Aaron asked himself how he take these stories from working with amazing small business people from all over the world and best share it with other ambitious people? With a podcast. Raising five children with an amazing wife combined with mentors that have helped guide him when he was younger has led him to offer encouragement and guidance to the interesting entrepreneurs of today. Think of this as a knee to knee, belly to belly of opportunities to learn from one that has personally experienced it.  


This is where Aaron will share the overall thought from the podcast episode.


  • Where what was talked about in the episode can be found


This is where Natalie, the show notes author, adds a few links that came to mind that correspond with the topics from the podcast episode.



10348224_10203003818990177_8143585800154248690_nEach of The Lookout Society show notes are written by Natalie C. Martin LEARN A LITTLE ABOUT NATALIE:

A life-long learner and unashamed history nerd, Natalie is a certified teacher in secondary education history and English turned stay at home mom. She is the mother of four energetic children all two years apart from 8 to 2 and recently celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary with the only boyfriend she ever had. After the kiddies are put to bed, she writes show notes as she continues to ignite her passion for writing and editing, fact checking and learning to make the world wide web a more educated place. When we learn that more gets accomplished when we replace “can’t” with “can” so many possibilities are opened to us. In the words of Rosie the Riveter, “We can do it!”  

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