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Power and Control, Mastering Ethical Influence with Wendy Lipton-Dibner

USO 033 | Ethical InfluenceThe moment you start doing things other people tell you to do is the moment you put a shackle on yourself. After quitting her job, Wendy Lipton-Dibner started doing her thing and made honesty her moral foundation. Wendy shares how ethical influence can be a huge factor in attracting people who will eventually share her positive and honest outlook.…

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USO 014 | Wealth Weapons

Wealth Weapons That Eliminate Debt Fast – Interview with Matthew Pillmore

Matthew Pillmore is the founder and CEO of VIP Financial Education, a 17-year-old company that’s helping people take the banks’ products and turn them back around against the bank so that you can eliminate personal debt faster. He goes into detail about these wealth weapons that everyone, not just entrepreneurs, could be benefited by.

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